Nissei’s NPE highlights: energy-saving, eco-friendly solutions all-round


Performance upgrades feature on the latest iteration of Nissei’s flagship NEX Series of electric machines, with the 55-ton NEX50III-5EG and the 88-ton NEX80III-12EG to be demonstrated molding of paper clips in a single-cavity tool (material: HIPS/ABS), and 32-cavity molding of pipettes (material: PP), respectively. Both machines employ a newly designed nozzle and barrel that permit better thermal conduction, shortening the heat-up time by 25% and reducing energy consumption by 8%. Drifting (fluctuation) of melt temperature, which occurs upon starting up a molding machine, can also reportedly be eliminated. Higher injection pressure and faster injection speed are also achieved in the new presses.

Also at the Nissei booth will be the FNX460-200BN1 hybrid (X-pump servo-driven hydraulic pump) machine targeting packaging applications. The 501-ton press is equipped with a large-volume, high plasticization capacity injection unit designed for packaging products. This machine is a successor to the AN1 Series, which has traditionally been sold in the US as a packaging machine, and its range of applicability has been expanded by increasing the injection speed (55% faster than conventional machines) and pressure performance (48% higher). Twin-cavity molding of cups (material: PP) will be demonstrated at the show. The FNX460-200BN1 is designed for molding of food & beverage containers/caps and disposable medical containers from PP and PE, targeting sub 10-second cycle times.....
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