Niigata boosts all-electric credentials with extended hold time


Long a proponent of "No hydraulic!," Niigata Machine Techno (Niigata, Japan) had a mission at IPF: to prove just what is possible with all-electric injection molding machines.

One particular area of emphasis is extended hold pressure and here, the OEM's Long Pressure Hold (LP) option used on a 130-tonne MD130S6000 press was demonstrated molding an acrylic part with 20-mm wall thickness in a cycle time of 23 minutes. The hold time for this particular product was 45 seconds, which is 50% longer than normally achievable. Extended holding pressure time is achieved through Niigata's Dither Control function that rotates the servomotors on the injection side ever so slightly (at speeds of down to 0.4 mm/s) so that they do not overload.

In the vertical arena, Nissei's MDVR50X all-electric injection press boasts a ...
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