Nextlife’s post-consumer PP finds new life in housewares line


Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics supplier Nextlife will begin supplying its FDA-approved 100% PCR polypropylene (PP) for a new line of personal care, tableware, kitchen, and food-storage goods from Preserve Products. Preserve has built its business around reclaiming PP, SPI recycling code #5, a material many municipalities do not currently recycle, and transforming it into new Preserve products.

Nextlife produces PCR PP resins from plastic waste supplied by U.S. retailers, utilizing a proprietary sorting, washing, drying, and extruding process. The company's recycled resins can be mixed with virgin food-grade resins or used by themselves to create thermoformed or injection molded products, including cups, plates, cutlery, storage, and organization containers, as well as housewares accessories. Nextlife's PCR PP and polystyrene (PS) are FDA approved for food contact applications, and the materials' carbon footprint is 70% less than that of virgin resin.

Nextlife and Preserve (booth #S3649) are taking part in the International Housewares Show (March 6-8; Chicago, IL; McCormick Place), where Nextlife is the official sustainability partner of the International Housewares Association (IHA)....
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