Nexthermal Corporation, USA

Nexthermal Announces Android Based Phone Application

Nexthermal Android Phone App

If heat is vital to your manufacturing process, Nexthermal’s phone application is all business.

Nexthermal’s new phone application delivered commonly used calculations at your fingertip.

Rated Voltage vs. Supply Voltage Wattage calculator

Ohm’s Law calculator

Heating Requirement calculator - You can select the material, dimensions, required temperature rise, time and number of heaters required and they application will calculate the total wattage and wattage per heater needed to meet your objectives.

In the sales tools portion of the application:

You can view and email Nexthermal brochures

Compare the cost of a cheaper heater to the cost of ownership of the right heater for your application

If you are reselling product, there is also a margin calculation

The order status portion of the application is the one that has our customers saying “Wow!” With the phone application, Nexthermal can provide access via your android phone. If the order has shipped, we show the tracking number. For UPS and Fedex orders, you can click the tracking number and see the delivery status of Nexthermal coil heater, mini coil heater, cartridge heater and nextflex user installable tubular heater orders. The Nexthermal phone application will provide detail on each line item of your order.

Of course you can still use your phone to call Nexthermal. We welcome discussion about heater applications, new projects, and we still will strive to promptly provide quotes and confirm orders. The phone application, similar to our web based product configurator, is designed to provide our customers with immediate and accurate information.

The Phone Application and Web based configurator are free to Nexthermal customers.