Compuplast International Inc.

News for K 2013 - VEL 6.7

In New 6.7 version of COMPUPLAST ® Virtual Extrusion Laboratory™ were done significant improvements which increase capability of the programs and also the comfort for the user.

There was incorporated a full 3D Solution for some mixing elements in the Extruder module.

Chill Roll and Multi-Layer modulse were converted to the new environment. This gives the programs many new features and provides a higher comfort for the user.

The Spiral Die and Flat Spiral Die modules have a capability of full 3D Solution with a possibility to see results in very easily understable way or in full 3D mode (by new 3D Visualization option).

The Cooling module contains new variable shrinkage indicating the tendency of the product for deformation or bending.

Especially for the K 2013 the Profile Die program is converted into the new environment. This reduces the necessary number of clicks and generally makes the program operation easier.