New voter poll shows manufacturing matters


Voters believe that now, more than ever, manufacturing is the key to restoring America's lost status as the world's leading economic power.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing released a new, bipartisan poll conducted by The Mellman Group and Ayres, McHenry & Associates, which shows that voters want Washington to act on jobs, especially in manufacturing. The poll, the result of eight focus groups held across the United States and a random national survey of 1202, found that fewer voters now believe the president or either party in Congress are focused on manufacturing jobs than thought so in the 2010 poll.

"Clearly voters want Washington to do something about jobs, and taking that one step further they want job creation in manufacturing," said Scott Paul, executive director of the AAM in a July 28 telephone conference with reporters. "There's a stunning amount of support for "Buy American," investing in our manufacturing workforce, and for tax assistance for American manufacturing."...
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