New three-components pre-mix units for blowing agents

The three-component versions provide the option to select either HFC245fa or cyclopentane as the only blowing agent or to combine both blowing agents. According to Rim Polymers, the shift towards having multiple blowing agents has increased the demand for such three-components pre-mix systems in the appliance industry.

Although HFC245fa has its advantages it remains costly. However, using a combination of cyclopentane and HFC245fa has helped to reduce the cost of the blowing agent. Furthermore, the ABS sheet used in refrigerators using only HFC245fa blown foam is also suitable for use with foam blown with the combination of HFC245fa and cyclopentane. Normally a higher grade of ABS sheet has to be used when working with cyclopentane alone. All these improvements continue to yield better energy saving for consumers because the thermal coefficient for combined agents is not compromised, says the company.

Rim Polymers is a a fully owned subsidiary of Singapore-based CEH Group, with more than 30 years experience in PU processing machinery. Since the launch of it GMA brand machinery in the year 2000, the company has seen rapid sales grow in the Asia Pacific region. GMA machines are also sold to the Russian and Middle Eastern markets. With globalisation in mind, the company says it is now geared for global expansion. According to Rim Polymers, this year it has been successful in assisting all major refrigerator makers in Asia to improve their PU foaming production processes, especially in mixing various blowing agents with polyol.