New technology for nonphthalate plasticizers shown at K2013

New technology for nonphthalate plasticizers was a low-key, but interesting theme at the just-concluded K2013 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

In Hall 16, Milacron showed the PAK250 extruder teamed with the Multi Pass Tank model HTMP-18-4 from Conair, used to produce flexible PVC medical tubing at a high rate. The combination targets tubing made with nonphthalate plasticizers. A benefit of the Multi Pass Tank is the ability to reduce the stretch of the tubing during the extrusion process.

Conair said that the multi-pass tank and related technologies make it possible to reduce wall-thickness and cut material use while boosting productivity.

Instead of passing straight through the tank, the tubing loops back several times so that floor-space requirements are cut by half or more. Systems are available for extrusion of medical tubing and also for non-medical products like aquarium tubing, small-gauge irrigation tubing and pneumatic airway tubing.

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