LPKF Laser & Electronics AG Laser Welding Division

New systems presented at the K

With its PrecisionWeld laser welding system presented in Europe for the first time on the LPKF stand (E04 in Hall 11), LPKF expands the areas of application for laser plastic welding. This system has been specially designed for welding the fine channels required for microfluidics applications. This compelling overall concept boasts three completely new appproaches: The housing is derived from the industrially tried-and-tested MicroLine series. Active components decouple the machining compartment from the environment. A new laser process (ClearJoining) enables transparent plastics to be welded without any additives, and a newly developed clamping technology compensates for production tolerances arising from the preceding production stages.

The second brand-new system is the LPKF ProtoWeld. Instead of wishful thinking the delivering of test results immediately when using new materials or product layouts has now become reality in the daily routine of scientists. Advantage in the production process enables advantage in the overall process.

Moreover, typical welding systems from the broad product portfolio will also be showcased. The PowerWeld product line represents the stand-alone systems. PowerWeld 2000 is shown with live demo welding of bank card holders on the booth of BASF in hall 05/C21. Live demo welding of surge tanks for vehicle motors with the PowerWeld 2600 including rotary table is presented on LPKF stand in hall 11/E 04.

For integration within a client’s own production lines the LPKF InlineWeld 6200 is showcased. The clever separation of the welding head and the control unit and laser unit considerably reduces its footprint in the direct production zone. Senior Vice President Frank Brunnecker sends out an invitation: "LPKF will be presenting its application specialists live. This makes a visit a must for all those who face the challenge of successfully creating top quality welds at a small or a large scale.”