New stainless mold base steel offers machinability and thermal conductivity


Industeel ArcelorMittal has developed an original patented free-machining martensitic stainless steel called SuperPlast Stainless (SPS), that has seen good success in the marketplace among mold base manufacturers. Mold bases manufactured with SPS offer high machinability to provide both high productivity and longer tool life, thus reducing costs. SuperPlast also provides high, consistent mechanical strength and hardness, optimum thermal properties to facilitate the removal of heat energy through cooling, and corrosion resistance to ensure mold durability and reduce maintenance costs.

Robert Esling, North American sales & marketing manager for Industeel ArcelorMittal in Troy, MI, said that the SuperPlast was developed in response to customer demand. "We needed this type of steel in our product line to give us a broader range of offerings," Esling told PlasticsToday. "At the last NPE (2012), I began canvassing people in the mold industry, and met Paul Britton from International Mold Steel. It was the beginning of a great partnership for us. They began representing us for the SPS product in about March of last year."

International Mold Steel's Britton, national sales manager, said that "it was perfect timing" for the SuperPlast product to be introduced. "I've had customers asking us for stainless but we just couldn't find the right one," he added. "The main driver for us was our customers. We didn't just want a run of the mill stainless - we wanted one with superior properties - we wanted something special and believed the SuperPlast filled that bill."
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