New stabilisers for polyurethane adhesives

Currently, the company offers four grades covering a range of temperature, solubility and application conditions: Hycasyl 500, 100, 1001, and 510. The choice of product is dependent on the end-use market, processing conditions and polymer backbone type.

According to Rhein Chemie, the new hydrolysis stabilisers can prolong the performance life of many types of polyurethane adhesives, particularly in the flexible packaging, electrical, electronics, and shoe sole markets.

The new stabilisers are especially useful for higher temperature and moisture applications, where they have demonstrated in lab tests up to 13 times longer adhesive life and up to twice the adhesive strength of unstabilised adhesives. Furthermore, the new stabilisers allow formulators to push medium-performance adhesives into more demanding higher-performance applications - in a cost-effective way, says the company.