New software tool for composite design

Designers employing composite solutions cite the inability to predict composite performance: failure mode in particular; as handicap going forward. Thankfully increasingly accurate simulations tools are becoming available such as BASF's (Leverkusen, Germany) Ultrasim package and HyperSizer from Collier Research Corporation (Newport News, VA).

Collier Research's latest version of HyperSizer software is said to take a whole new approach to composites optimization. It provides stress analysis and sizing optimization, reducing the weight of aircraft, space vehicles, wind turbine blades and other components. The software self-configures to the loading environment, with optimization speeds of up to 1000 times faster claimed

Version 6.4.5 of HyperSizer composite structural analysis and optimization software not only runs much faster: it is now based on a reconfigured core technology with built-in "intelligence" that reportedly produces more accurate answers with less user input....

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