New software strives to make collaborative product development easy


Increasingly important is that CAD software be more universally accessible across multiple formats to facilitate design changes in various CAD systems. Mold manufacturers are being asked by their OEM customers to provide greater assistance with product development and design for manufacturability.

Data lost during the transition from one software system to another can mean big headaches down the road - especially if these data errors are not caught until steel has been cut. Although long the bane of manufacturers, the challenges of CAD translations across different formats remain a big issue.

Hoping to help remedy that is CCE, a CAD software developer based in Farmington Hills, MI. The company recently introduced its EnSuite product for sharing detailed product design knowledge that it says is easily translatable from other formats. With global competitiveness, time/schedule compression and cost pressures, it becomes increasingly important that everyone involved- from product design engineers to mold designers and mold makers to molders and equipment suppliers- have timely and accurate product information....
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