New snowshoes look like the real deal

This seems like a good time to have a fireside chat about snow shoes given the frigid conditions in much of the United States the past two weeks.

Out of Norway comes a new approach with the tongue-twisting name of Fimbulvetr that weighs less than five pounds, thanks to their construction from thermoplastic elastomer (DuPont Hytrel). This seems like quite an improvement over the first snowshoes I ever saw, which looked like something handed down from the local Native Americans.

Each snowshoe is molded into a shape said to match the shape of a foot. Holes provide traction in the snow. The company says they are "designed from the fact that you are likely to experience several kinds of snow in one trip. Fimbulvetr floats in deep snow and slush, while getting a firm grip on hardpack and ice, no matter if you are male or female."