New shrink labels suitable for the recycling stream

Sealed Air has developed a new Cryovac LT-1 shrink sleeve label, calling it one of the first in the industry with a density lower than the 1g/cu cm polyethylene terephthalate (PET) recycling standard.

The labels are composed of a multi-layer polymer-based film to provide 360-degree, form-fitting bottle coverage.

Featuring a density of 0.95g/cu cm, Sealed Air said that the Cryovac LT-1 shrink sleeve labels can easily separate and float from source PET bottles once they reach the recycling process. This reduces contamination during recycling and enables greater bottle recycling efficiencies, the company stated.

There's no denying that shrink labels, while providing plenty of branding opportunities for companies, are disruptive to both the sorting and processing of post consumer PET. Eastman Chemical formed a full-wrap label consortium to develop solutions surrounding PET bottles and full-wrap labels in the recycle stream....

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