Thermoplay S.p.A.

New screw in nozzle

The new screw-in nozzle is available in the diameters 24, 32, 46 and 60 mm.
In particular the new version with Ø 60 mm is provided with an internal channel of 25 mm to facilitate optimal flow of plastic material. The valve pin has a diameter up to 10 mm to get a wider injection point. The lengths of these nozzles can be personalised as required, up to a maximum of 696 mm with multiple heaters. For the version with Ø 60 mm, a special manifold has been realized with a channel of 30 mm diameter.
The screw-in nozzle is available with or without valve gate. The shut off group is compact (min height= 89.5mm) to simplify the mould machining. In addition the pin can be adjusted without removing the group from the mould.
The screw in nozzles can be mounted to the manifold with different inclinations for guaranteeing the perpendicularity with the moulded surface thus following the geometry of the moulded part.
The systems with Thermoplay screw-in nozzles can be supplied prewired complete with cooling and pneumatic / hydraulic circuits assembled ready to be installed into the mould.