New products for better molds and molding


DME Smart Series TSP Temperature Control Module promises molders more options when seeking a reliable, long-lasting hot runner temperature controller. The new controller features up to 48 zones, and an intuitive GUI functionality in a compact footprint. The 5.7" color touch screen folds away, allowing it to be adjusted for optimal viewing.

The controller is ideal for high-cavitation molds while still optimizing the performance of any hot runner system, claims DME. The addition of the TSP enhances DME's electronic temperature control offering, giving molders greater flexibility and the ability better manage their hot runner systems.

Design enhancements to the new controller improve hot runner efficiency while keeping popular options, which molders have come to expect in an advanced system. A set of proprietary controls optimize hot runner performance, including an adaptive auto-tuning algorithm and a Smart Start mode that safely bakes out damaging internal heater moisture at system start-up to prolong heater life.

Additionally, the module allows molders to better manage their hot runner, saving time and money. Automatically deployed, self-diagnostic testing capabilities ensure optimal hardware configuration and a uniform startup reduces scrap and energy usage.
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