New processor opts to BOPP from Latin America rather than China


Bioriented polypropylene film bags have retained their popularity as the packaging of choice for food, animal feeds, lawn and garden materials and other consumer products that require a combination of product protection and high-end graphics. About 18 months ago, Anduro Manufacturing entered the BOPP bag manufacturing business to solve the issues that plagued the industry: long lead times for raw materials and shipping schedules from the Pacific Rim countries which made timely delivery impossible.

“From the time a U.S. producer orders bags, it is typically about 16 weeks to delivery—often longer because neither production nor shipping schedules from the East are reliable,” said Marc Datelle, Aduro’s president and CEO.

Anduro purchased a manufacturing facility in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, a free-trade zone with low production costs and convenient shipping access, with the intention of localizing the entire process...
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