New plastics processing study evidence of the “New Normal?” Time will tell


Medical and packaging remain the places to be, though a good company earns money no matter its end-use market: those are among the points laid out now that the results of the most recent North American Plastics Industry Study have been tallied. The survey, organized and conducted by Plante & Moran PLLC's Plastics Group, offer plastics processors benchmarks against which they can grade themselves.

The survey was completed in 2009-2010 with more than 150 processors participating. "As the economy was crashing around us in 2008 and 2009, it was difficult to identify trends that were permanent ('new normal') versus those that were a reaction to the sudden drop in credit availability and consumer confidence," the study's authors comment. "A full year post-recession, we now have a glimpse of a few trend breakers from the norm of prior years, [but] it will be years before we fully can grasp whether any of these trend breakers represent a 'new normal' or just a slow return to the old normal."...
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