New piping solution for radiant floor heating


Warm floors are welcomed this time of year in cold climates, and Zurn Pex Inc. introduced its new hy-PE-RTube, one of the first radiant floor heating solutions in North America utilizing Dow Chemical’s polyethylene raised temperature-resistance (PE-RT) technology. The hy-PE-RTube was introduced at the International Builder’s Show held recently in Las Vegas, and is the first product resulting from the strategic collaboration of Dow and Zurn Pex focused on delivering next-generation piping solutions for hot and cold pipe applications.

Zurn Pex’s hy-PE-RTube is produced using Dowlex 2344 resin from Down, with takes advantage of the traditional benefits of polyethylene. One of the critical properties that builders look for when installing radiant heat floors is ease of installation. But another property critical to the product is that the pipe lay flat and resist recoiling when installed. Brian Ammons, North America market manager for Pipe & Irrigation at Dow, told PlasticsToday that because the resin is not crosslinked it has no coil memory and thus lays flat.

Additionally, hy-PE-RTube consists of five layers—a central ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer (EVOH) layer between a layer of adhesive and Dowlex 2344 each on both sides —helping reduce noise when in use. The outer layer of Dowlex 2344 offers enhanced protection against oxidation due to piping permeation, further safeguarding the radiant heating system.

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