New machine tool control technology guarantees 100% improvement


If you could double the feed rate on your machine tools, especially when cutting metal for complex molds, and increase cutting tool life by a guaranteed 50% or more, would that make you a more competitive mold manufacturer or toolmaker? Assuming the answer is yes, then read on for word on an established but still-new technology called constant velocity controllers.

Constant velocity controllers (CVCs) are developed and marketed by Miceli Technologies Inc. (MTI; Essex, ON, Canada). According to the company, a CVC processes a minimum of 50,000 blocks of code per second in 8-simultaneous-axis machining. Compare that to established CNCs and their processing rates (about 3000 blocks of code per second, and only in three axes), and you understand why MTI founder Carlo Miceli is so convinced his company's development will have huge ramifications for any company that needs to cut metal. He's even offering a money-back guarantee if you don't see huge improvements.

CVCs now have a track record of a few years. As Miceli relates in this interview, the results so far have been impressive with the CVC controllers maintaining an average feed rate above 90% of the programmed feed rate. The company's website includes references to some companies that already use CVCs on their machine tools....
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