Croda Europe Ltd.

New low bloom anti-scratch additives for plastics

COWICK HALL, East Yorkshire, UK – Croda, a speciality chemical company, have developed a range of stable anti-scratch additives for use in plastics. These additives reduce scratch width and visibility, while the superior stability results in reduced blooming on the surface. This combination of benefits makes them perfect for use in a variety of plastics, used in applications such as automotive interior parts. Croda welcomes participation in customer projects to further develop this area of expertise.

The use of plastics in the automotive industry is increasing as car manufacturers’ aim to lightweight their vehicles. According to Plastemart the global automotive plastics market is expected to grow at CAGR of 8 % until 2018 reaching $41.5 billion. However, plastics naturally exhibit high friction and can scratch easily when transported or in end-use, resulting in a growing need for anti-scratch additives in the market. However, some of the currently available anti-scratch additives can cause visible blooming, haze, surface stickiness or odour issues. They can also affect the mechanical properties of the plastics.

Croda’s range of anti-scratch additives includes high stability products that work from within the formulation to enhance the surface properties of plastics. They can withstand challenging processing conditions and give long term in-use performance in the finished parts. The low usage levels do not cause any detrimental effect on mechanical properties. The range includes Incroslip SL and IncroMold K for polypropylene impact copolymer and Incroslip G for polypropylene homopolymer applications. Croda’s team of technical experts are available to work with customers to choose the best product for them.

Croda’s technical expert, Martin Read Says “We have undertaken a significant project in the area of anti-scratch so that we are able to advise our customers which product and addition level will give optimum performance in their formulation. We are continuing with this work and would like to engage further with our customers to continue this process and meet future needs in the area of anti-scratch for a wide range of plastics.”

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