New long-fiber vinyl composites are making headway

Solvay is looking for North American manufacturing partners for an innovative vinyl composite technology introduced earlier this year in Europe after six years of research and development.

The two products in the line are described by Solvay as the first long and continuous fiber vinyl composites.

One, called FibroVin, developed with Fibroline (Lyon, France), is made from long glass fibers impregnated with PVC powder. It's said to provide fire resistance, stiffness and high impact resistance.

The second, Autoflax, is produced from continuous flax fibers and provides lightweight, thermal insulation and sound insulation. Other fibers that could be used include hemp and basalt.

Target markets for the new markets are automotive, marine and construction industries.

A European automotive OEM is testing the PVC flax composite as a potential headliner, said Solvay's Victoire de Clermont-Tonnerre in an interview with Plastics Today at the 13th annual Automotive Composites Conference and Exhibition in Novi, MI....

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