New liquid silicone molding machine responds to medtech manufacturing needs


Wabash MPI (Wabash, IN), a supplier of standard and custom presses for global customers in a range of industries, has announced the introduction of a hybrid, servo-pneumatic liquid silicone injection molding machine. The new MicroLim machine is especially suited for cleanroom and medical molding applications.

Designed for repeatable shot sizes from less than 1 to 15 cc, the machine is "perfect for applications requiring short runs," Sales and Marketing Manager Dave Singer told PlasticsToday. "It also has a relatively small footprint and does not use hydraulics, which is appealing for cleanroom applications," he added.

One of the machine's signature features is a patented plunger design with a center-shutoff nozzle. The unit's center shut-off pin, along with the electro servo drive and Allen Bradley control platform, provide precise control of injection speed, velocity and shot size, explained Singer. "We combined the latest in injection technology with off-the-shelf A/B PLC and HMI, making the machine very serviceable and easy to operate," he added.
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