New life for old machines, new business for Van Dorn Demag


A reinvented Van Dorn Demag held a grand reopening for its Strongsville, OH facility, showing off a new tech center and a business revived by machine rebuilds. "Over the last couple of years, we went from a manufacturing focus to a focus on after sales," John F. Martich III, Van Dorn Demag chief operating officer (COO) told PlasticsToday. "What [our open house] means for us is showing broad capabilities represented in one facility. It really demonstrates a strengthening of the commitment to legacy customers and new customers."

Acquired by Sumitomo Heavy Industries in 2008 and then combined with that company's injection molding machine business, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has spent the last four years plus sorting out its global footprint, including the legacy North American sites for Van Dorn in Strongsville, OH and Sumitomo in Norcross, GA.

On April 10, the company hosted an open house at the Strongsville plant marking a completion of the integration process while also showcasing a new 8250-sq-ft tech center, which featured seven injection molding machines, as well as 234,000 sq ft of space for storing spare parts, a rebuild area, and machine stock, which was eliminated in Georgia. Martich said that almost 120 individuals from more than 60 companies RSVPed for the event, which included vendor partners like Sepro, Yushin, Universal Dynamics, Spirallogic, and more....
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