New injection unit for Engel machines

According to the company, the new injection unit offers up to 50 % heating time reduction and improved ergonomics due to the lower operating height. It is based on a FIFO injection system mounted horizontally above the pressure platen in combination with an additional All-Out technology piston injection unit.

The main benefit offered by this new injection unit technology is gained in the use of hot runner moulds. The rapid cure element between the horizontal FIFO unit and the vertical ejection unit increases the temperature of the molten material by means of dissipation. This allows for more homogeneous temperature distribution in the molten material, thus increasing the temperature in the centre of the material flow rather than just at its edges.

Thanks to the patented All-Out technology, all of the material is ejected out of the vertical injection cylinder. This means that the molten material is injected into the mould at a higher temperature. This in turn allows for substantially reduced vulcanisation times. The use of the rapid cure element means heating time reductions of up to 50 % in combination with hot runner moulds.