New hot runner mold technology yields greater processing latitude

Technology in hot runner systems is in big demand, and it continues to evolve to help mold manufacturers design and build molds that cycle faster, have smaller footprints and help reduce cost to manufacture.

Husky Injection Molding Systems ( introduced its Pronto manifold system that is easier to configure, provides faster delivery, offers improved thermal consistency and is guaranteed leak-proof. Since the manifold is the heart of any hot runner system, the configurable options with the Pronto offers a diverse and broad range of applications.

The next generation Pronto manifold systems come standard with application review, optimized melt channels for every application, wide processing windows, and simple assembly. Pronto also has optimized melt channels for every application.

Technoject Machinery Corp. is now offering a new valve gate hot runner system with miniature space requirements, developed by Heitec Hot Runner Systems GmbH of Burgwald, Germany. Technoject ( is the North American distributor for Heitec.

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