Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH

New high-temperature polypropylene CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT from Centroplast

Polypropylene is a highly versatile plastic, and its range of mechanical properties can readily be extended by means of special admixtures. Centroplast Engineering Plastics GmbH, a manufacturer of engineering plastics, has capitalised on this fact for the new compound material CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT. Instead of exhibiting polypropylene's normal maximum operating temperature of 100 °C or temporarily 110 ºC, CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT actually remains thermally and dimensionally stable up to 140 ºC and thus closes the gap between polypropylenes and engineering thermoplastics.

Autoclavable up to 140 ºC
CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT can be sterilised in the autoclave, steam-jetted, and is resistant to acids and chemicals. To verify these properties, the plastic was also successfully put through sterilisation and decontamination tests by the C.R.T.T. Institute. CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT in addition complies with foodstuff regulations to BfR/FDA and USP Class VI. This custom-made plastic is therefore optimised above all for uses in the food and drinks industry, by chemical and pharmaceutical companies and by manufacturers of medical technology.

Specially for medical technology
Medical equipment is steam-sterilised at high temperatures. In order to kill off even highly resistant prions, a temperature of at least 132ºC needs to be achieved. With its resistance to temperatures of up to 140°C, CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT is consequently ideal for use in sterility-critical environments and is suitable for analytical devices and laboratory equipment, chemical containers and apparatus, sterilising units as well as the containers, trays and handles used in the healthcare sector. For example the Swiss medical technology bricon ag is already using this material in the manufacture of support trays for spinal implants.

Mechanically highly loadable
CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT in addition has a particularly high mechanical load-bearing capacity and exhibits good friction and wear behaviour. The high-strength, ultra-rigid, hard plastic features a low density and excellent electrical insulating properties. As a material offering such a broad range of performance characteristics, CENTROLAB HT / PP-HT is predestined for uses in other areas beyond the healthcare industry, such as the bottling and packaging industries, the automotive, electrical engineering and plastics industries, and in mechanical and plant engineering.