New high-flexibel and soft-feel TPE from Kuraray

The new material shows unique flexibility and a particularly exquisite soft feel when compared with existing products. It is suitable for products requiring low-hardness gel, including joint supports and footwear insoles.
As main characteristics of the new Speton J Kuraray cites the following features:
  • unique flexibility
  • exquisite soft feel
  • low melt viscosity and excellent processability
  • superior shock-absorbing properties and vibration dampening performance
  • shares the light-weight, mechanical properties (high-strength, superior compression set, tear resistance) and low-temperature properties of other Septon products

Potential fields of applications are:
  • Medical, nursing care (artificial leg and protector cushioning material, pad components, joint supports)
  • Consumer goods (cushioning material for beds, pillows, etc., general cushioning material, toys, shoe insoles)
  • Sporting goods (shock-absorbing material, protectors)
  • Industrial components (all types of cushioning and sealing material, robot components shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening materials, artificial skin, etc.)
  • Electric/electronic components (shock-absorbing and vibration-dampening materials for office automation equipment, flat panel displays, mobile phones, etc.)

Kuraray said it is targeting Septon J Series sales of 1,000 t/y in five years' time.