New funding for Biobased Performance Materials R&D in Netherlands


With the end in sight, the importance of the Dutch Biobased Performance Materials program, in which research institutes and businesses are collaborating to develop new biobased plastics, was underscored when it was publically announced that more funding was being made available. Rather than cutting the program, some €3 million to 6 million ($4 million to 8 million) will be channeled into additional research on and the development of cost-competitive biobased performance materials (BPM) over the next four years.

"We're making additional funding of €3 million available for the transition of the Biobased Performance Materials program into an innovation center within a broader chemical context," said Gerard van Harten, on behalf of the Top Sector Chemistry in the Netherlands. The chemical industry is a designated "top sector" in view of its current strong position and scope for growth and has been targeted by government, industry, and science as an investment priority.
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