New extrusion line from Milacron strengthens Boltaron’s portfolio


Plastic film and sheet processor Boltaron is installing a new sheet extrusion line next month to meet demand for its PVC and PVC/acrylic alloy sheet and to help the processor continue to keep its delivery times low. The line includes a twin-screw extruder from Milacron and a K-Tron feed system, with the roll stand and ancillary downstream equipment engineered by Boltaron.

Boltaron (Newcomerstown, OH) claims to be the only plastics processor in the U.S. offering calendaring, extrusion and press laminating in a single location. Press laminating is when multiple sheets of calendered or extruded plastic are layered and fused using heat and pressure to form a single, solid sheet. It comes in handy processing sheet in thicknesses that are impractical or impossible to produce by extrusion, particularly in short runs. The company markets 50 different grades of sheet....
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