New elastomers from Shin-Etsu combine skin-like feel with toughness


You could be in for a good scare at NPE2015 if you visit the booth of Shin-Etsu Silicones of America (Akron, OH; #W787), a supplier of silicone materials to a swathe of industries, including medical technology. The company will feature its recently introduced Select-Skin RTV elastomer series at the show, a skin-like material with tough performance properties that can be used to frightening effect to fabricate masks for movies, animatronic skins for use in theme parks, and other forms of entertainment. The material's properties are also desirable in orthopedic applications.

Select-Skin RTV elastomers come in a super soft 1:1 ratio formulation and rougher 10:1 ratio version. Both formulations are two-component, heat- and addition-cured silicone rubber compounds that exhibit low hardness, high tear strength, low viscosity and tackiness, and high elongation properties. They have a dry, non-oily skin-like feel.

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