New drives and motors help breathe new life into 30-yr old extrusion line


If money were no object, then most of us would opt to buy new. But money matters, plenty, so sometimes we need to reuse and refurbish. That was the case for flexible plastic films processor/converter Amgraph, which had a 75-feet (23m) long Black-Clawson two-station extrusion laminator it wanted to upgrade to meet new customer requirements.

Like any company, Amgraph (Versaille, CT) had a choice to make with its laminating machine. It could spend millions on a new machine, do nothing to its 30-yr old unit and settle for lower productivity, or retrofit the equipment. Amgraph's management opted for retrofitting, and planned to upgrade the analog control system with the use of Siemens motors, Sinamics S120 digital drives and newer control systems.

As a result of the retrofit, Amgraph can now produce a wider variety of coated plastic and foil flexible food packages, cut material expenditures and improve throughput, while boosting productivity....
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