New decorations with IML

Ornamin Dekorfolien GmbH in Minden, Germany – specialist for durable In-Mould Labels for many plastic types – is exhibiting at this year’s plastics exhibition „Kunststoffmesse K 2010“. Shown are IML-foils that improve both the appearance and the functionality of the moulded plastic part and therefore make it more sellable. Beside the well-known solutions such as non-skid trays from polystyrene, lunch boxes from ABS and crockery sets from melamine a special focus lies on a number of new decoration methods and products.

Ornamin proves once more, that IML is much more than just the short-term decoration of disposable packaging such as yoghurt beakers and margarine boxes. Be they rubbish bins or stands for sun umbrellas for use outdoors, serving trays with a non-skid surface for catering and airlines or measuring jugs, lunch boxes and freezer containers with the end user – no customer want to go without the decoration that is still there during the whole life cycle of the product.

The main focus with the PET rubbish bin was on recycling and the environment. For this application a special PET film was needed for guarantee a chemical bonding of the foils with the injection material. Also important for the customer were a high resistance to physical strain and a high UV-resistance, so that the bins can stay standing in front of public buildings and supermarkets years later.

A further highlight is the solution for airline trays made from ABS that we supply to numerous customers worldwide. As per request, the labels are either transparent or printed in one or more colours. The important issue is that the non-skid surface withstands the often very aggressive industrial dishwashing without causing problems. One client confirmed that as per his tests the non-skid surface remained intact after more than 150 washing cycles – only the tray itself began to warp.

The paint cans are also made from PET, because this material is resistant against solvents. The customer uses these cans solely for solvent based paints; all others are filled into Polypropylene-cans. In this application it was imperative, that the customer designs which included numerous special colours were to be realised as per the specification. Also it was important, that the labels would have a high resistance to UV-rays and to scratching, so that the print would not bleach out when exposed to many hours of direct sunlight in a shop window.

A completely new product range is pet supplies. The cat box now clearly stands out of all competitor products – not only is it decorated nicely, but it is also protected enduringly against environmental influences. Using IML the client can now change the designs during production and can therefore react very flexibly to customer demands without needing to hold a lot of stock of any design. The main advantage however is an economical one: With this decoration the customer was able to gain new markets worldwide and to obtain higher prices for his products.

Another material not usually associated with IML is SAN. The client wanted to have various scales, sometimes multicoloured, on various sizes of measuring jugs – under the premise that the labels are always in exact the same position and don’t slip. Also it had to be ensured that the labels are dishwasher resistant.

With the polypropylene lunch boxes it was imperative that even after running through the dishwasher the colours on the labels were still bright and shiny. It was similar with the freezer boxes, but with the added feature that the lids were equipped with a writeable varnish, so that the end used can write on the lid without needed special markers. Also a high temperature resistance was needed.

Another product for which the main use is in the outdoors is stands for sun umbrellas. For this Ornamin has developed a solution which combines many advantages of the IML technology: many changing decorations, resistance to environmental influences such as wind and weather, UV-rays and scratching and a crisp and clear print.