New cube technology provides assembly processes


Many moldmakers are filling the injection molding machines on the floor of the NPE with molds offering unique technology. If you want to see something novel in cube technology, head over to the KraussMaffei booth #1503 and be amazed by Zahoransky Formenbau GmbH’s new Total Integrated Manufacturing (TIM) Stack Mold. Using a 2x4 stack mold, push-pull plugs are molded on a 200-ton, two-color injection molding machine from KrausMaffei. Three separate parts are assembled inside the mold without prolonging the machine cycle time for the assembly process, with complete plugs produced in every cycle.

This new, patented TIM Stack Mold consists of two mold halves with an axial rotary cube, allowing two different parts to be made on a single mold. The smart feature of this new system is the two assembly platens located outside the mold, a configuration that allows complex assembly processes to be performed externally without increasing the machine cycle time.
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