New capacity, PV slowdown reverse Tedlar film crunch


DuPont, which has just brought on stream a major capacity expansion in Tedlar polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film, wants to win back applications lost when Tedlar supplies were tight.

"Where Tedlar has established performance and value versus alternatives, we are anxious to supply material and take advantage of the investment we have made," John E. Odom, DuPont's global business manager for Tedlar films, told PlasticsToday in an interview. "This includes not only photovoltaic, but aerospace, architectural fabrics, and industrial applications, including automotive, where the advantages and unique properties of Tedlar make it a good choice."

Lack of adequate supplies
Until recently, DuPont had allocated supplies with priority going to the then-rapidly growing photovoltaic industry, according to market sources. In some smaller, niche applications there was little, if any, Tedlar available.

In the interview, Odom acknowledged that there had been supply problems....
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