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New at FIPA: Replaceable gripper jaws for sprue grippers

Replaceable gripper jaws simplify matters: One gripper for many applications
FIPA GmbH supplements its range of grippers / quick assembly and more flexible application

A new application means: new grippers? This is not the case with the FIPA sprue grippers, GR04.103 and GR04.130C. The reason is that the material flow experts at Fipa have developed replaceable gripper jaws for this purpose – with the result that the same gripper can be used easily and quickly for various applications and materials lowering investment costs and a substantial amount of time due to changeover.

The gripper jaws were conceived and designed for the plastics, automotive, telecom and other industries. The components enable secure gripping of soft gates and gentle lifting of films or paper covering a wide bandwidth in Pick & Place applications. They ensure maximum flexibility to the users since the gripper can be adapted to suit the material being handled and when the requirements change, the gripper jaws are simply replaced.

The 4 Versions make the difference: Gripper jaws for all needs

The flexible gripper jaws are available in four different designs:

- Set 1, the customizable jaws: The customer mills his own shape of the gripper jaw, which he can then adapt to his applications. This version is recommended, above all, for application-specific material handling and gripper tasks.

- The sets 2 “V-shaped notch jaws” and 3 “Prisma / V-shaped notch jaws” grip soft gates or multi-component systems firmly and securely.

- Set 4 gummed jaws - for sensitive and hot materials: The rubberized gripper jaws with an elastomeric coating are particularly suitable for delicate gripping of warm to hot plastic parts as well as gentle gripping of films or paper. As a result of the HNBR coating, the gripper jaws can withstand heat up to 284 degree Fahrenheit

FIPA develops products ´as needed´ based on the specifications of various industries and organizations. As Mr. Rainer Mehrer puts it, “This applies to our standard components as much as it does to our customized and tailor-made solutions”.

The FIPA CEO adds: “Our new and innovative gripper jaws provide the customer with a highly flexible and versatile product, which he can adapt optimally to his area of application.

Additional plus points: All grippers are robust and light-weight, and have long life owing to their Hart-Coat® surface coating – and the reliable closing force that they provide makes them a convincing choice.