New WEICON polyurethane adhesives

WEICON from Germany developed two special adhesives with very short pot life for bondings in industrial mass production and for quick repairs – WEICON polyurethane PU-90 and PU-240.

These are high strength, fast curing two-component structural adhesives with extremely strong bonding power. The adhesives can be used for high strength bondings of metals, plastics, composite materials, wood and ceramics with and among each other.

Adhesives for the industry

The adhesives are ideal for industrial areas of assembly, repair, maintenance and manufacturing.
The WEICON polyurethanes PU-90 and PU-240 can be used in various industries. They are suitable for the plastics industry, mechanical engineering, model and mold manufacturing, ship and boat building, energy and electric industry, metalworking and in the vehicle industry.

In order to meet the specific needs in various areas, two different WEICON polyurethanes are available: PU-90 and PU-240. These types differ mainly in their pot lifes. PU-90 has a pot life of 90 seconds and PU-240 of four minutes, without additional heat sources. This extremely short pot lives make the polyurethanes particularly interesting for use in industrial serial production and for quick repairs.

Advantages of polyurethanes

The use of polyurethanes offers a number of advantages.
WEICON PU-90 and PU-240 are high strength adhesives, are permanently elastic and impact-resistant and are ideal for structural bondings.
The two polyurethanes withstand high mechanical loads and also resist dynamic loads.
Both WEICON PU-90 and PU-240 can be sanded and painted about 30 minutes after processing.
The polyurethanes are highly viscous and can be used for bondings even on vertical surfaces.
The adhesives harden with very little shrinkage, and when cured, they are resistant against water, seawater, many diluted acids and lyes. They are temporarily resistant even against fuels, oils and greases.
The WEICON polyurethanes PU-90 and PU-240 can be processed with the Easy-Mix dispensing system.

Processing with the Easy-Mix System

This system consists of a dispensing gun, a cartridge and a double mixing nozzle to ensure optimum processing.
The gun provides a constant and extremely precise dosage of the 2-component adhesives. Dosing, mixing and application of the adhesives are accomplished in just one operation.
The individual components are very soft and therefore very easy to handle. The combination of these two components, however, is non-dripping and pasty, which supports their use in industrial applications.

When using WEICON PU-90 and PU-240 some points should be considered. The surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free of grease.
The application of the adhesive is one-sided. The curing begins immediately after mixing the two components. The processing should take place at room temperature. At higher temperatures, the positioning and curing times are reduced; they are increased at lower temperatures.

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