New Vortex pins for venting


Venting is a critical aspect of manufacturing molds that deliver fast cycles and high-quality parts. DME Company, a provider of mold technologies, recently introduced the new Vortex core pins and plugs. The product is a cost-effective, time-saving method of removing trapped gas from a mold cavity during the molding process.

Vortex core pins and plugs are made of Porcerax II, a porous, sintered metal. Because the material is 25% air by volume, it vents gas without the need for a separate venting component. As a result, Vortex pins and plugs help reduce mold size, cost and complexity.

Some of the other benefits include cycle time reduction; enhanced part appearance; elimination of burning and shrinkage; fewer flow and knit lines; and elimination of short shots, says DME.
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