D. Souris & Co. SA

New Vinylen masterbatches for coloring of PVC pipes.

- Our new Vinylen masterbatches series help processors to overcome many problems, offering several unique advantages:
• Direct dosing on the extruder using volumetric or gravimetric feeders.
• Brilliant shades with excellent light fastness.
• Highly concentrated masterbatches with small size cylindrical granules for better homogeneity and lower addition ratio, down to 0.3% (using gravimetric feeders).
• Heavy metals free formulations, compliant with regulations
• Exact color matching and adaptation to customer’s demands
• Incorporation of additives in the color masterbatches in order to improve PVC processing parameters.
Apart from the traditional shades (orange, iron red, grey etc), almost every other shade can be color matched in the Vinylen masterbatch range.