New TPE overmolded onto nylon on the cheap


An entirely new thermoplastics elastomer (TPE) formulation has been created for overmolding onto Nylon 6,6, offering better appearance, adhesion, and cost. Custom injection molding company Able American Plastics (Richmond, IL) utilized a new TPE from Star Thermoplastics Alloys & Rubbers Inc. (Broadview, IL), which, due to an improved formulation, costs Able American $0.70-$0.80 less per pound than the previous TPE used.

Star told PlasticsToday that like all other TPEs from the company, this special grade is styrenic based. Called StarBond, the TPE is commercially available as part of the OM (onto Nylon 6\6) grades. Depending on the application and end-use parameters, Star said it will recommend a specific grade, using its 8100 formulations and five development labs....
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