New TPE grades make life tough for TPVs


A new line of thermoplastic elastomers has been introduced, designed to help processors move away from thermoplastic vulcanizates in applications including automotive parts, appliances, electrical products, healthcare and packaging goods and construction components. The TPEs are said to be better in performance and price.

Called StarPrene, the new line is supplied by TPE supplier/compounder Star Thermoplastics (Broadview, IL). Star claims it can offer standard and custom TPE grades comparable to competitive TPVs, but at better pricing levels. The company says its lab equipment and employees' experience also enable it to duplicate any existing TPE or TPVs with an equivalent or improved TPE formulations.

Why would a processor switch from his tested TPV to these new StarPrene grades? Obviously, the TPE would not require drying, so a processor's logistics would be eased. In addition, the TPE grades are said to have similar flow characteristics with the same rheology, with high-flow TPE grades also available. Coloring TPE can be easier, notes the supplier, and the StarPrene TPEs offer better tensile strength and elongation. Grades are available for injection molding and extrusion.

Grades are available in both small and large quantities, with samples provided upon request.