New Survey: OEM-supplier relationships deteriorating in 2011


Relationships between automotive OEMs and their suppliers aren't as cozy as was once thought, according to the 2011 results for the SuRe index, a key performance indicator of the quality of relations between OEMs and their suppliers, released by SupplierBusiness, an IHS Automotive business unit. After several years of gradual improvements, particularly for North American OEMs, this year shows a "marked deterioration" in those relations with the SuRe index scores dropping by over 7.5% on average.

One interesting revelation of the 2011 survey is the fact that, consistent with those results polled in 2010, the divide between Japanese car makers - traditionally in the top positions of the ranking - and other mass car makers is "becoming less and less marked, indicating that OEMs relations with suppliers are converging," said SupplierBusiness....
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