New SpecialChem websites designed as go-to resources for materials selection


Since 2000, when Christophe Cabarry launched the first online website for industrial innovation in plastics and chemicals, SpecialChem has focused on providing online technical expertise about materials and product information to formulators and engineers around the world. But: "The need for information was, and still is there," he said. "And this need is still growing," says CEO Cabarry.

"Today, everyone has to do more with less," he explained. "Less time to spend in the lab, shorter lead times and less money. At the same time, products are becoming more complex, the competition has increased and we are also seeing that as the older generation retires, they take their knowledge of materials with them. Young people come in, who try to re-invent the wheel. There is an enormous need of 'technical mentors' with expertise in this area and we are trying to fill the gap."

To better meet these specific needs, the SpecialChem websites have been completely revamped, and today present a clearer and more coherently organized approach to what has ultimately become the core of the site: materials selection.

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