Thermoplay S.p.A.

New Single valve gate

Single valve gate

This new type of single valve gate has been developed to achieve optimal balanced system. It is has four flow channels, which divide the melt flow in homogeneous and uniform way.
Thanks to a special innovation it is possibility to replace the nozzle body with alternative variants both diameters and lengths, keeping the original head and the shut off group saving cost
The available diameters and types include the whole range of the standard nozzles Thermoplay (FN Ø 16,24,32,46 and DN 18,22,30,44).
The tip group is provided with a new pin guide that allows an optimal centering of the pin in proximity of the gate to reduce the wear of the cavity.
The pin stroke can be 10 or 16 mm depending on the diameter of the nozzle, to obtain a great flow rate on the injection point.
The pin drive bushing inside the shut off group is provided with a wide seal to reduce the material stagnation inside the single nozzle. As consequence it is no longer necessary to elimination of the gases produced by the polymer during the moulding process.