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New Sensors, Instrumentation, Control and Analysis Products Position Dynisco to Deliver Complete Extrusion Solution

From analyzing raw materials, to gathering pressure and temperature data, to providing integrated extruder control, to testing finished product properties, new product introductions from Dynisco position the Company to provide customers with a complete extrusion-control solution from pellet to part. Dynisco is exhibiting this portfolio of technology in Hall 10, Booth G20, at K 2010, which is being held October 27 to November 3, 2010, in Dusseldorf.

“Dynisco has long been known as a supplier of discrete pressure and temperature sensors and controls for extrusion and other plastics processes,” explains Matthew Carrara, Vice President, Dynisco Plastics Segment. “Recently, however, we’ve begun implementing a strategy aimed at making Dynisco the primary supplier for complete, integrated process and quality control solutions. A key part of that solution has been the introduction of a half dozen new products – all of which will be on display at K 2010 – that can help our customers achieve better control over the extrusion process, reduce downtime and minimize scrap. Getting more out of the process, more efficiently, is the way to save money and address sustainability goals.”

Among the sensing and control products Dynisco is featuring at K 2010 are the following:

OPT•TROLTM System – An affordable, expandable, integrated extrusion control system, OPT•TROL combines adaptive, autotuned temperature, pressure and speed control as well as differential control and process-variable trending from a user-friendly color touch-screen operator interface. The system can be used on new extruders or retrofitted to provide advanced control features on existing equipment.

“Many of our customers have told us that they want to move to an integrated extruder-control system,” Carrara notes, “but they’ve been put off by the high price of available systems. OPT•TROL addresses that issue with a simple, affordable, expandable solution that works perfectly with Dynisco sensors and instruments.”

SPX-T Sensors – The SPX-T is a smart 4-20 mA pressure transmitter that includes Temperature Compensation, a feature that reduces pressure-reading drift due to changes in ambient temperature by as much as 80%. Dynalarity™, a Dynisco innovation, uses a special algorithm to linearize the pressure signal and compensate for variability that can occur due to interference in the processing plant environment.

K 2010 will also mark the European debut of Dynisco testing and quality-control systems that include the following:

VTM Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer For Polyolefins – Uses advanced software to develop a wider range of rheological data more easily and more quickly than similar systems previously available. It can gather standard data points such as dynamic viscosity, elastic modulus, etc., or users can create their own testing protocol. The VTM can measure long chain branching many times more quickly than traditional testing methods, and, when measuring very low viscosities, an improved signal-to-noise ratio increases sensitivity.

Laboratory Capillary Rheometer – Designed to meet the demands of a 24-hour-a-day shop floor operation while maintaining the highest possible level of accuracy, repeatability and sensitivity. The LCR series rheometers are versatile and easy to use, yet they offer the most sophisticated materials characterization, data analysis and reporting capabilities.

LMI 4000 – The first melt-flow indexer to utilize a powerful 32-bit microprocessor to provide test parameter control, self-diagnostics and digital calibration. We offer four models each with features designed to meet specific application requirements.

About Dynisco
Dynisco is the leading provider of accurate, robust and reliable measurement and control solutions for extrusion and other plastics processes where pressure and temperature are critical. The Dynisco Plastics Segment is part of a global organization providing sensing technologies, control equipment and analytical instrumentation for a wide range of industrial applications. The Company has manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Malaysia. Dynisco serves a diverse group of customers throughout the world, including OEMs, distributors and end users. For more information about Dynisco, visit the Company’s new website at www.dynisco.com.