YUDO Co., Ltd.

New SUZHOU Factory in China

YUDO have operated 4 main factories of producing HOT RUNNER in Korea, China, Portugal and Singapore in present 2010 year. By through investing of 20 million dollars in 2010, YUDO will establish new factory in SUZHOU China and make a replacement of new machines in Korea. New SUZHOU factory will get 1.5 times productivity compared with that of current based on unmanned factory automation technology pursued by YUDO due to last 12years continuous effort. Especially, all the manufacturing processes would be carried out by 3D based designing and operating program, and machining flow would be done on a straight line from entering raw material to finishing products as a whole. Its main facilities for manufacturing are equipped with MAZAK machinery, but the operating automation system synchronized with the machinery is designed and installed by YUDO Robotics, a daughter company of YUDO, and its own technology.