New SCF gas delivery, dosing system designed for injection molding

Trexel Inc. has introduced its new Trexel T-Series SCF (Super Critical Fluid) delivery system, which is a gas delivery and dosing system based on Trexel's patented technology. The system is designed to convert gaseous CO2 or Nitrogen into a super critical fluid and reportedly precisely doses and injects the critical fluid into the plastizicing unit of the injection molding machine, creating a lower density microcellular material structure in the molded plastic part.

This new unit replaces the current series II system that has provided MuCell users with supercritical fluid (Nitrogen or CO2) injection for 10 years. The Series II technology originated with the need for continuous flow for extrusion and injection molding applications.

The company said the new T-Series system is designed specifically for injection molding applications to produce SCF on demand only. This eliminates any need for hardware mounted on the injection unit (so no interface kit required), and significantly extends the seal life on the booster pumps while reducing energy consumption. The optimized booster performance allows for maximum booster life.

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