New MT6 software accelerates tracking of mold performance, maintenance


MoldTrax, developer of software designed specifically for tracking the performance and maintenance of molds and dies, just got bigger, faster and stronger with the release of MoldTrax6 (MT6). New features developed for this unique documentation software system include improved "inventory monitoring" that allows the user to quickly see how many parts are left in stock; two new FastTrax Reports include inventory tracking and maintenance alerts.

A "maintenance alert" report makes it possible for the user to see what preventive maintenance (PM) requirements are coming due (yellow), overdue (red) or OK (green) on molds currently in production.

Additionally, exclusive to MoldTrax, a "hot runner specs" tab has been added to the popular TechTips section, giving users quicker access to manifold maintenance and repair instructions, images and specifications of the system. Categorizing this technical data saves search time and improves repair accuracy.

A MoldTrax performance dashboard is now available from the main screen that shows the current ratio of scheduled vs. un-scheduled mold stops as well as the number of molds currently in production and their PM status (based on cycles run).
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