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New METRAVIB Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer series


METRAVIB, the world-renowned Dynamic Mechanical Analysis (DMA)specialist, introduces a brand new Dynamic Testing Machine series, designed and dimensioned to offer a wide range of dynamic tests in one single test machine: • Glass transition • Frequency dependence up to 1kHz • Payne & Mullins effect • High frequency testing • Fatigue testing under various controlled waveforms • Rubber Heat Build Up testing (flexometer) The test can be accommodated with the materials due to a large choice of innovative specimen holders that give practical and efficient testing solutions matching to most of solid materials: elastomers, polymers, composites, metals and ceramics, bio-sourced materials, etc… The new DMA+ series design consists of a floor standing mechanical test frame, controlled by a computer station equipped with a dedicated software suit MULTITEST and DYNATEST. Each DMA+ models includes a thermal chamber designed for an operating temperature range from -150°C to 500°C that can be associated to various cooling solutions: cryogenic source, air chiller...